Death Ray Vision

[Written by Tom] Yesterday, I taught Davis, eight years old, from Arizona. First time he’s seen snow. Though this may not seem like a significant detail, because I had left my goggles inside and it had changed from sun to snowstorm in the previous couple hours, I’m wearing dark sunglasses in a snowstorm. Riding up … Read more

Teaching kids to ski

[Written by Tom][ Teaching skiing has turned out to be a lot more fun than expected, especially the kids. I’ve enjoyed teaching the adults, but their response is more predictable. It seems like a huge number of the kids I get are 9. Not 8, not 10. 9. Anyway, most are so shy I can … Read more

Tom’s Wacko Lefty Store and Blog

[Written by Tom] My fun new thing has been to start a blog which I actually update at least weekly with a weekly rant on politics or something else in the broader culture… well usually that annoys me. It just so happens that lately I’m mostly annoyed by Creationists, Bush failing to condemn torture and … Read more

Tom’s Yosemite Site

[Written by Tom] I mentioned my Yosemite Photo site in a previous post. I’ve now started trying to do a Yosemite Photo of the Week and to put in my little bits and pieces of Yosemite News on that site. The simple fact is that I just find it more interesting to write about Yosemite … Read more

Tom’s new job (sort of)

[Written by Tom] After a couple of years of saying it would be fun to teach skiing at the local ski area, I finally signed up to be a ski instructor at Badger Pass alpine ski area, just across the driveway from where Theresa works. So far it has consisted of just a couple of … Read more

Back tomorrow

Our Thanksgiving trip is almost over – very relaxing. I finally had a somewhat slower Vermont trip and got to actually see some people beyond my immediate family – two aunts, one uncle, two cousins and two friends! Columbus was, as usual, more relaxed since we went from 20 loud Lamberts to eight quiet Hos. … Read more

Thanksgiving plans

November is Theresa's slowest season, so as last year, we'll be going to Vermont and Ohio for Thanksgiving, our once a year time to see family. This time we'll try to avoid quite so much driving and maybe have some time to see friends and relatives in Vermont outside of my immediate family. Nov 17 … Read more

Ten years together

The last few days have been wet and rainy in Yosemite. This seems appropriate, since it was wet and rainy when Theresa and I started going out. In fact, it was because it was wet and rainy we started going out. I reserved a couple of campsites at Devil's Lake and invited about 15 people … Read more

No news is good news

But some news is probably better news. So here's the short version if you wonder if we're still alive but don't want to read a whole screenful of drivel: busy busy – trip – hiking – no climbing – lot clearing – house plans.

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Thanskgiving Trip – Vermont and Ohio

Theresa had some down time in the between seasons as there's not a lot to do at the Mountaineering School in November. It was a good chance to go visit family. Vermont was great, but always frustrating. I had hoped to see Jeff, Mark, Steve and some other relatives, but I didn't even have a … Read more