Snow Creek to Mount Watkins

… and breathe… Between a Sisyphusean marketing workload with DNC, a conversion optimization class that operates heavily on the you’ll-get-out-what-you-put-in principle, volunteer activities at the Valley Visitor Center for a full day once every other week, a frozen shoulder that seems to be adamant about remaining stuck, and house construction (Tom’s been going nuts, and … Read more

This weekend (not) in Yosemite

I am so excited to be packing tonight for a trip to the Bay Area this weekend. I’ve made an appointment to get my hair cut for donation to Locks of Love, and I can’t wait until I’m free of the burden of these long locks. I’ve tried the super short cuts before and they don’t look that great on me, so I’m not shaving my head or anything drastic like that, but cutting 10″ off is going to be dramatic anyway.

Plus, a trip to the Bay Area is a great opportunity to connect with friends, and do some of the city things that we don’t get to do around here, like eating ethnic food, going shopping, or to the movies. I’m really looking forward to a few days ‘away from it all’, but I’m also a little sad to be missing the great things going on in the Park this weekend.

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On the Way to Work

Burning daylight - parking for the unsecret spot

Sometimes the powder is just too good to let a little thing like employment keep you from enjoying it right now, right away. The weekend was only a day away, but what if it rained or warmed up and the snow got heavy? We decided that the only reasonable thing to do was get up early and get in a quick run before work.

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Death Ray Vision

[Written by Tom] Yesterday, I taught Davis, eight years old, from Arizona. First time he’s seen snow. Though this may not seem like a significant detail, because I had left my goggles inside and it had changed from sun to snowstorm in the previous couple hours, I’m wearing dark sunglasses in a snowstorm. Riding up … Read more

Teaching kids to ski

[Written by Tom][ Teaching skiing has turned out to be a lot more fun than expected, especially the kids. I’ve enjoyed teaching the adults, but their response is more predictable. It seems like a huge number of the kids I get are 9. Not 8, not 10. 9. Anyway, most are so shy I can … Read more

Tom’s new job (sort of)

[Written by Tom] After a couple of years of saying it would be fun to teach skiing at the local ski area, I finally signed up to be a ski instructor at Badger Pass alpine ski area, just across the driveway from where Theresa works. So far it has consisted of just a couple of … Read more