This weekend (not) in Yosemite

I am so excited to be packing tonight for a trip to the Bay Area this weekend. I’ve made an appointment to get my hair cut for donation to Locks of Love, and I can’t wait until I’m free of the burden of these long locks. I’ve tried the super short cuts before and they don’t look that great on me, so I’m not shaving my head or anything drastic like that, but cutting 10″ off is going to be dramatic anyway.

Plus, a trip to the Bay Area is a great opportunity to connect with friends, and do some of the city things that we don’t get to do around here, like eating ethnic food, going shopping, or to the movies. I’m really looking forward to a few days ‘away from it all’, but I’m also a little sad to be missing the great things going on in the Park this weekend.

SpringFest at Badger Pass

Badger is celebrating SpringFest on Satuday this year. I keep meaning to spend time at this fun event – costumes, dummy races, and, if we’re lucky some riotous pond skimming action. The sad thing is that it marks the end of the season here – so by the time I get back, Badger will have closed for the year. The backcountry season is just starting – in a way – but it’s feeling a lot like spring lately.

Yosemite Association Annual Spring Forum

Lots of incredibly interesting interpretive events are going on on Saturday for the YA Spring Forum as well. I also noticed that my friend, Hans Florine, is planning to be up for some book-signing action, which means we will probably pass each other enroute somewhere along the line.

Visiting Friends

And possibly the saddest, is some missed opportunities to hang out with friends who are making a trip up to Yosemite. Yes, of course we are going to be spending time with other friends in the Bay Area who we also don’t see nearly enough of, but missing friends is always a little disappointing.