Tom’s new job (sort of)

[Written by Tom]

After a couple of years of saying it would be fun to teach skiing at the local ski area, I finally signed up to be a ski instructor at Badger Pass alpine ski area, just across the driveway from where Theresa works. So far it has consisted of just a couple of days of instructor training, including one day in a driving rain (story of the year) and some interminable company training, as if I care about the history of Delaware North Corporation. Sometimes they seem utterly unaware that most employees had the same jobs they have now under the previous concessionaire and the one before that. They are Yosemite people, not company people. Nevertheless, I now know that Delaware North started as a popcorn business. What I don’t know is how that will help me as a ski instructor.

On the plus side, it has already been a great way to meet some nice folks and get me out of the house a bit more. In Berkeley I had more non-job activities that were social (climbing gym, Sierra Club volunteer), but here my non-work stuff tends to be going for a solo hike, so it’s good to have some social outlet.