Tom’s Yosemite Site

[Written by Tom]

I mentioned my Yosemite Photo site in a previous post. I’ve now started trying to do a Yosemite Photo of the Week and to put in my little bits and pieces of Yosemite News on that site. The simple fact is that I just find it more interesting to write about Yosemite and other stuff than to write about me. And Theresa has gone crazy for knitting and guitar and doesn’t have much interest in writing about herself. So that makes it hard to get regular updates here.

I have no illusions about becoming a photographer or anything. My photos are strictly snapshots, but my goal is to put them together in “itineraries” that would be sort of the photo equivalent of a trial map – a set of images that give a sense of the hike/climb/ski tour. Since this turns out to take a lot of time for each “itinerary”, I’ve started doing the Photo of the Week thing and the news postings, since we have quite a few friends who like to keep up on what’s happening in Yosemite.