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[Written by Tom]

My fun new thing has been to start a blog which I actually update at least weekly with a weekly rant on politics or something else in the broader culture… well usually that annoys me. It just so happens that lately I’m mostly annoyed by Creationists, Bush failing to condemn torture and such. Though in the future I plan to be upset about things like stores suckering you with rebates. Since this started out as Theresa’s life story and she’s the one who normally keeps a diary, I choose not to take this over with rants, and instead put those at

Tom’s new political t-shirt and bumper sticker store


In conjunction with, I’ve also put together a sort of online store selling t-shirts and bumper stickers and whatnot. I think I’ll eventually have a bunch more that are whinsical and just humorous, but for the moment Bill O’Reilly and John Gibson and George Bush and all the rest of the right-wing wackos have me upset, so I’m putting my wacko lefty stuff up for sale first. Most designs are sold as t-shirts (organice cotton baby!), bumper stickers, coffee mugs and fridge magnets. So far the only design that seems to have really sold is one that looks like a Lost and Found ad torn out of the newspaper and it says:



One democracy. Large economic and military power. Last seen in North America cavorting with corporate fat cats and religious fundamentalists. If seen, return to the American people. Great sentimental value.


I also have a poke at John Gibson’s ridiculous book about the war on Christmas. It has a Christmas tree graphic and a bomb graphic and says “Make war on Christmas, not Iraq.” That one hasn’t sold much, but it has gotten a nice review on the f/k/a/ blog.

Other designs, most of which are just simple text:

    • Proud member of the vast liberal conspiracy


    • Warning: Liberal Driver. Watch for left turns (with a yellow left turn warning).


    • “US Out of Kansas” (with a map of the US with Kansas missing). This is the one that got me started on the whole thing after Kansas once again decided that religious fundamentalists should be running science classes. I also wrote a long essay on Calvina nd Creationism and why I think John Calvin would not be a creationist.


    • And my latest creation which, I suppose, will have very limited appeal: Cogito ergo non Frutici suffragatum sum which is Latin for “I think, therefore I didn’t vote for Bush”.


There are a few others. Go to the Taken For Ranted Store for all the details on this wonderful swag.