I got the job! We got the lot!

And you thought we might be hunkering down in Yosemite before this… Dave B. offered me the position at the mountaineering school a few days ago. I've been doing little happy dances every few minutes. No, those aren't epileptic. We are still trying to get together and iron out details like when I'll start and … Read more

Birthday Challenge

Today is the 33rd day before my 33rd birthday, and time to begin my birthday challenge.

Tom's challenge is to hike 41 miles along the Valley rim for his 41st (although I believe the current planned route is more along the lines of 50 miles). Our friend Rachel replaced 26 bad climbing bolts with good ones for her 26th birthday, and Hans has the mega 40th birthday challenge going. And you can find out more of the really crazy stuff that people have done on birthday challenges here – a whole website devoted to birthday challenges.

Here is my challenge:

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Whitney Marie Ho

We have a new addition to the family! Whitney Marie was born on March 30th at 8:31 am, to my brother William and his wife, Melissa. By all reports, both mother and daughter are doing very well. I am so happy for them, and we are trying to figure out when we might be able … Read more

New car

Click to view 60kb version We finally broke down and got a new car after nine years (still keeping the other one though). Living in the country we finally decided we needed two cars. We miss being able to walk most places we want to go (work, groceries, movies, friends houses), but living here obviously … Read more

Valentine’s Day in Sacramento

It's Saturday, but the 83 people gathered are dressed in their Sunday best. Speeches in Chinese. Grandpa Wu sits alone. The picture of his Valentine in the front of the room is surrounded by flowers. Out the window, I see floating above its broken tether a heart-shaped balloon. Theresa and I drive across town with … Read more

Ski School

I've managed to land a full time job as a ski instructor at Badger Pass. I keep meaning to sit down and write all about it – the great group of people that I get to work with (instructors, students, lifties, etc.), and all the things I get to learn about improving my own skiing, as well as teaching skiing to others. It's a great job.

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Whirlwind trip

I'm back from my Modesto/Mountain View trip. What a ride. I ended up missing the Modesto appointment because the car broke down in Oakdale. Anthony's housemate, Ryan, gave me a bunch of great reading material on case study interviews at his house, and I read enough to know that I could have done much better … Read more

Whoa! An interview from Plan A

Last night I got a message on the answering machine from Gabe at Plan A asking me to come in for an interview. I'm completely flabbergasted. I sent in an application to the company in April, but I had received pretty non-committal responses to my follow up calls back then and had assumed that they wouldn't get around to calling me.

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I’ve been hired!

OK, it's probably not what you'd think if you knew me. But, I went for an interview today at the medical clinic down in Yosemite Valley and they hired me on a per diem basis. Basically, that means that if they need an extra person, they call me, and I either can go or I can't. It's ultra flexble, relatively lucrative (anything is more lucrative than sitting around the house) and seems like an interesting place to work. Plus, it sounds like for the time being, they are going to be in need of extra help quite a bit, so it will be a good chance to earn some money.

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