Theresa’s B-day challenge update

Well, I guess I have to write and let you know how I did. I didn't manage to meet any of my challenges, but June was a great month, and I did accomplish quite a bit. I averaged between 18 and 20 reps of each of the four exercises per day, for a total of 2566 reps. That brings me to 7449 reps total for the 10K challenge. According to Hans' latest update (for today) that puts me in 14th place overall, and in 3rd place among the women.

I managed 3 meals for Tom, but two of those were breakfasts, instead of dinners. I might get extra bonus points for getting up early and making pancakes while Tom lay sleeping in bed…

I only sat down for 9 drawings, rather than 33, but I spent a lot of time reading this new drawing book that I purchased. It took a lot of time away from actually drawing, but I've learned some really interesting things about composition and landscape drawing (which is something I'd like to improve on).

The problem with my climbing goal is that sometimes doing great routes with great people just comes before arbitrary birthday goals. Notable among those was my second ascent of the West Face of Leaning Tower. That was a big climb for me, and I was psyched to have to chance to do it with Jackie. I also climbed the Regular route on Higher Cathedral Spire with some new friends who weren't up to leading it on their own. It may have been slightly over-ambitious for them, but I always enjoy that summit, and it was a great day out with friends.

That said, I have actually been seeking out climbs that I haven't done before. I had planned a big numbers day on Camp 4 wall, but after leading Doggie Diversions, I got spanked by Henley Quits (my “warm-up” off-width climb)and couldn't bring myself to squeeze my bruised and aching self into any of the other climbs I'd hoped to do there. I'll go back. Tom and I also checked out Dan and Jerry's Playground, on the buttress to the left of Moratorium. There are bunch of bolted/place your own 5.10s in the area. We only climbed two routes, but scoped out several more climbs there that looked interesting too. I'd also like to get out into the Sierra high country. There are a bajillion routes there that I haven't done, but the weather in the last week or so has included big afternoon thundershowers, and I haven't been bold enough to race them.

Although I'm a little bummed that I can't point to a single goal that I managed to make for my birthday challenge, June was an excellent month. In addition to all this stuff, I also had the chance to spend some time with family. One of my weekends, Tom and I travled to VT for his parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Talk about inspriational! Plus, my parents came out for a blitz visit over another weekend. There wasn't enough time to do all the things that I wanted to do, but I really enjoyed the things that I did do.