Ski School

I've managed to land a full time job as a ski instructor at Badger Pass. I keep meaning to sit down and write all about it – the great group of people that I get to work with (instructors, students, lifties, etc.), and all the things I get to learn about improving my own skiing, as well as teaching skiing to others. It's a great job.
Of course there are those other times – soaked and chilled to the bone and being run over repeatedly by wild screaming children – that I think that a desk job in the city wouldn't be so bad, but those moments fade quickly when I remember to take a look at my current “office space”.

The funny thing about ME being a ski instructor is that I've typically been in the role of student rather than teacher. I'm always chasing Tom down the hills. I'm too scared to do this or that, my form needs improvment here or there. Now, I'm the one who “knows how to ski”. It's an unfamiliar spot to be in for me.

It's fun teaching, of course. Hang gliding, neurobiology or skiing, whatever the subject the most gratifying moment is when the light goes on and someone really gets something they have been struggling with. And with skiing it's doubly great because people are really out there to have fun too.

The thought of chasing eight 5-7 year olds around a ski area as they go scooting off on their skiis in eight different directions, and at eight different ability levels has given me a whole new appreciation for school teachers. Eight? Try 30. My mind boggles.

I'm sure that it would be impossible if it weren't for the great group of people that I work with. I've gotten some great training, tips and moral support from my fellow instructors. I'd go into more detail but there really isn't time.

I now have a full-time job after all. =)