Thanskgiving Trip – Vermont and Ohio

Theresa had some down time in the between seasons as there's not a lot to do at the Mountaineering School in November. It was a good chance to go visit family.

Vermont was great, but always frustrating. I had hoped to see Jeff, Mark, Steve and some other relatives, but I didn't even have a chance to call anyone. We spent a day with mom and dad and Mary's family in Vermont (finally got to meet Andrew's girlfriend) and then drove down to Boston to visit Tracy's family and the drove back to Vermont to visit Denis' family and then it was time to leave. There's just never enough time in VT.

Ohio was a lot more relaxing since everyone was under one roof. We finally got to meet our not-so-new niece Whitney who is already eight months old. Everyone is quite excited as Whitney is the first child of her generation for either of her families and will no doubt be treated like a queen. She is thus far oblivious to the royal treatment she stands to get!

More surprisingly, I found out that Chip and Nancy Patzer lived in Columbus too. Chip was my first best friend, born one month after me and my next door neighbor from the time I was 0 until I was 9. We had seen each other once briefly when we were about sixteen and otherwise hadn't really seen each other since 1972! Both of them were a lot of fun to be around and it was great seeing them after so many years.