Tom’s Wacko Lefty Store and Blog

[Written by Tom] My fun new thing has been to start a blog which I actually update at least weekly with a weekly rant on politics or something else in the broader culture… well usually that annoys me. It just so happens that lately I’m mostly annoyed by Creationists, Bush failing to condemn torture and … Read more

Tom’s Yosemite Site

[Written by Tom] I mentioned my Yosemite Photo site in a previous post. I’ve now started trying to do a Yosemite Photo of the Week and to put in my little bits and pieces of Yosemite News on that site. The simple fact is that I just find it more interesting to write about Yosemite … Read more

Tom’s new job (sort of)

[Written by Tom] After a couple of years of saying it would be fun to teach skiing at the local ski area, I finally signed up to be a ski instructor at Badger Pass alpine ski area, just across the driveway from where Theresa works. So far it has consisted of just a couple of … Read more