Field Trip to the Dump

It may not sound like the greatest field-trip destination, but the Mariposa County dump is a fascinating place to visit. People say things like “Americans throw away 1460 pounds of solid trash each year” (Annenberg Foundation) which is a big number but seeing the volume with your own eyes really makes that number something real. … Read more

Curry Village Rock Slide

Just a quick note to let you know that we are OK. There was a fairly substantial rock slide at Curry Village yesterday, and another this morning just before 7 am. Fortunately, there are only minor injuries being reported at this time. Although the guest cabins at Curry Village have been evacuated as a precaution, … Read more

Yosemite Fire Updates

Good news from this afternoon’s DNC briefing… 1. Power is on in El Portal and Yosemite West and they expect to have power in the Valley by 8pm tonight, with the possibility of permanent power (rerouting lines around the burn area). This means that it wasn’t a totally stupid thing to take things out of … Read more


It is my new habit now when out for my ‘rehabilitation’ walks to stop whenever I hear a new birdsong and try to figure out where the bird is and whether I can identify it. As I was gazing up into a tree last week, the manager at Yosemite Lodge stopped his bike and asked … Read more

Dry spell ends

Funny I should mention this just as the fine, dry, sunny weather is ending, but so far this year the weather has been absolutely fantastic for my rehabilitation. A strong high pressure system settled in, and brought with it perfect weather for me to get out and enjoy the flat Valley trails again. This was, … Read more

Snow snow snow

This has been a strange year for snow. When we moved in, at the beginning of April, Hans said that having snow on the porch was highly unusual for that time of year. Now, it's May, and the snow is still falling. It's incredible – incredibly beautiful, and incredibly frustrating. This was not the view that we expected for the beginning of April in Yosemite Still, we're getting out some.

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