Dry spell ends

Reflection of Sentinel Rock in the Merced River

Funny I should mention this just as the fine, dry, sunny weather is ending, but so far this year the weather has been absolutely fantastic for my rehabilitation. A strong high pressure system settled in, and brought with it perfect weather for me to get out and enjoy the flat Valley trails again. This was, however, less than perfect for the ski area which was losing snow quickly in the warm temperatures. Now, it looks like a Pineapple Express storm system has moved in to give Badger Pass the snow it needs… I'm just hoping that the snow level stays around 6000 feet so the Valley trails remain accessible for me, if a bit soggy.

Tom took this picture at the end of January while we were hiking along the Merced River one afternoon. He has been talking ever since about returning to this location for another go now that he has some neutral gradient filters for the camera and can even out the exposure of Sentinel and it's reflection.