Hite’s Cove – a new record…

Blooming Redbud near the trail

The hike to Hite’s Cove is an annual favorite this time of year for the amazing flowers and moderate temperatures. It’s also the furthest I’ve hiked in a day since October. 8.4 miles – getting stronger… my back was fine – but my legs got tired!The flowering bush in the corner of the picture is called Redbud, and is one of the most spectacular floral displays in the Merced River canyon right now. It is an eye-popping purple.

I also enjoyed seeing some old friends from the flower world. California poppies cover the hillside – much more impressive than a few weeks ago, the Fiddlenecks and Blue Dicks are out in force, and even the Lupins are starting to bloom. Still no Fairy Lanterns yet though. – so I’ll have to go back again later.