Ahwiyah Point Rockfall Bigger than 1996 Rockfall

NPS just came out with an estimate of how large the March 28 Ahwiyah Point rockfall was, and I was surprised to learn that it was nearly 50% larger than the major rockfall in 1996 that fell near Happy Isles. Turns out, there has been a really interesting conversation going on over at Supertopo about the rockfall, and I picked up some more interesting information as well, and would recommend that as a good source for pictures and analysis about where the rockfall came from.

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Ahwiyah Point Rockfall

If a rock falls in the wilderness, but no one hears it, does it make a noise?

I got back into the office today after my trip to the Bay Area and eventually heard that there had been another substantial rockfall in Yosemite early Saturday morning (March 28). The NPS Geologist made a statement, posted it to Supertopo.com, and the story has been picked up here and there by news organizations, and blogs, but didn’t have much widespread coverage. The AP finally picked up the story today – 3 days after it happened.

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