Learning Interpretation

New things are so interesting! Because Tom is planning to throw his hat in the ring for a seasonal interp ranger position this summer, and I’m doing this NPS volunteer gig at the visitor center, we’ve both gotten exposed to the Interpretation classes provided at Eppley.org. In park parlance, interpretation isn’t translating from one language … Read more

Travel Sketching Pen/Watercolor

Memorial Day weekend is historically one of the busiest. So, as a local, my tendency is to want to get out just as everyone else is trying to get in. Unfortunately, a substantial trip is not really in the works this year, for various reasons, so I’m left with trying to figure out what to … Read more

First handstand class

If you had any doubts before, I just wanted to say that this was a GREAT handstand class. There is actually a lot more to it than kicking your feet up into the air and hoping they stay there. Cher started us out with some gentle stretching, and then gave a lot of great pointers … Read more


Who could watch this video of people doing all kinds of crazy, fun, impossible upside down stuff without wanting to try it? Fortunately, we have a Muscle Beach veteran (the place they shot that video) right here in Yosemite Valley… and she’s teaching a class on March 11. Tom and I are both planning to … Read more