Backpacking and Hiking

Tom demonstrating the Anti-Ray Way in 2005
Tom demonstrating the Anti-Ray Way in 2005
I’ve been thinking about backpacking lately. A lot. And I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of money on it too – or preparing to spend inordinate amounts of money anyway.

As it turns out, it has been a embarrassingly long time since I’ve gone backpacking, and I’ve just realized how much I miss it. It isn’t that we haven’t been getting out at all. Last summer we were pretty excited about getting into some longer runs, and we started getting a little more serious about collecting pictures, but as activities that take only part of a day, we were getting pretty comfortable returning home to the miracle of modern appliances, hot showers and a comfortable bed. No longer.

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Save the Butterflies

I’ve never taken a picture, but it’s always disconcerting when there are enough butterfly carcasses in and by the side of the road that they are easy to see at driving speeds. They are everywhere, fluttering, broken and dying. Please slow down, enjoy the butterflies and the scenery. It’s a small price to pay for … Read more