Not the Usual Yosemite Fare

This is a strange weekend for me. It is filled with activity options that wouldn’t normally occur to me as Things to Do in Yosemite. When I got here 5 years ago, my list was pretty short – climb, hike (to climbs) and backpack (for far away climbs), but the more I’ve lived here the more I get exposed to all of the other things that are going on in Yosemite.


The evening begins with artwork – there are two exhibit openings tonight. William Neill’s Classic Yosemite Photography Exhibit Opening begins at the Ansel Adams Gallery from 4:00 – 5:30, and Yosemite Renaissance has a juried exhibit opening at the Yosemite Museum Gallery from 5:30 to 7:30, which contains photography and paintings of Yosemite and the Sierra.

Retirement Party

OK – this is a personal thing, and people retire from all different kinds of places. We’ve already bid farewell to a beloved Park Supe this year, and this celebration is for Jerry and Judy, who have been in the park, just about forever. Jerry started working here in 1964, as the kid who pushed the giant bonfire off of Glacier Point for the Firefall, and retires this year as the Director of Hotels. I’m looking forward to the program this evening to hear all the stories that people have to tell about them.


Huh? In Yosemite? That’s right. There is a full-on Lu’au with professional Maori, Hawaiian and Tahitian dancers at Curry Village on Saturday (Feb. 28) and the not so professional but very cute kids from Yosemite’s El Portal and Valley schools, and a Polynesian Buffet for only $15 ($7.50 for kids). Proceeds go to benefit the Yosemite Valley and El Portal schools (yes, there is a school right in Yosemite Valley).

Heritage Holidays

I’m not sure there is a short description for this event. Heritage Holidays starts on Sunday and celebrates the Art Deco era with music, dancing, fabulous vintage fashion from the 20s and 30s, historical programs, a scrumptious Gala Dinner on Monday night and, of course, a Grand Ball with top hats and tails that tops the 3-day event off on Tuesday evening. This year is particularly special, because there will be a reunion of WWII Veterans who stayed at The Ahwahnee during their convalescence when it was temporarily transformed into a hospital.

The Regular Stuff

And as if that wasn’t enough to fill the weekend, there’s the ‘regular’ stuff too.

Skate skiing is probably awesome along the Glacier Point Road this weekend. With the fresh snow lately, I’ve been doing more powder hunting and less skating, and it’s time to balance things out a little, not that taking a few turns at Badger doesn’t sound good too.

Plus, we’ve been hearing reports of AMAZING poppies blooming along Hwy 140 where the Telegraph Fire burned this summer from Michael Frye, and Steve Bumgardner.

And that doesn’t even count reading one of the many books that are waiting for me on the bookshelf, writing, drawing, playing the piano‚Ķ and today is my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!