Horsetail Falls Analysis

Natural Firefall at Horsetail Fallsphoto by T Lambert I just came across this amazing analysis of the best time to photograph Horsetail Falls in February, and wanted to leave it here so I don’t lose it for myself. Photographing Horsetail Falls (the Natural Firefall) in February has become a substantial Event in Yosemite. Nancy Robbins … Read more

Cork Flooring

Now that I pretty much suck when it comes to serious house-building projects, I’ve been given the task of researching cork flooring. Although the upstairs unit of our house is basically finished, we’re far behind schedule in terms of building out the downstairs unit. We’re so happy with our upstairs, that although our initial plan was to rent it out as a vacation rental, we’re now more inclined to keep it for ourselves, and rent out the downstairs when that is finished.  This post is really more for me, but if you’re interested in cork flooring, then by all means…

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Farewell to Mike Tollefson

The farewell party for Mike Tollefson, Yosemite’s Superintendent for the last 6 years, is this weekend. It’s going to be a big party with live music by the Adam Burns Band, dinner, and the works. Cher helped put together a slide show that DNC CEO Dan Jensen will give there, which finishes with some pretty … Read more

Rainbow in Yosemite Falls

This was the scene driving in to work this morning, and I had to pull over and get a quick picture. With the warm temperatures, the falls are flowing and in the morning the spray is lit with rainbow colors. It’s just a matter of finding the right angle. This picture was taken around 8:15am … Read more

Happy New Month

Happy New Year, Everyone. I like this time of year because, even though it’s a bit arbitrary, it’s a good time to reflect, and set goals. Of course, when it comes to goal-setting, I should really be celebrating every month. My goal for this month is to spend more time planning things, and then actually … Read more

Bracebridge Dinner Thoughts

Bracebridge Dinner is done for this year, but I already have ideas and plans for next year. Although I’ve lived in Yosemite for 5 years now, this is my first real experience with Bracebridge Dinner. The Marketing Team at Bracebridge Why this year? First, put up some video of the performances on their site. … Read more