Great Comings and Goings

Any great astrologers out there have a reading on why there seem to be so many comings and goings in my life right now? Tom and I went the Bay Area last weekend to welcome an old Berkeley friend who has just come back from the East Coast. After 3 long years in Maryland, we’re … Read more

New Yamaha YDP233 Piano

I have a new piano! I have a new piano! I’ve only been wanting one for, lets see, 19 years or so. Basically since I moved out of my parents’ home and went to college. Unlike a piccolo, or even a guitar, pianos don’t lend themselves to moving around or small spaces, so it’s never … Read more

Whisky Bill on Fresno Dome

I’ve promised myself that no matter how late it’s gotten, or how many other adventures I’ve had since then, that I would put something up about the amazing day that I had climbing with my friends, Bruce and Em, on Fresno Dome, the day after the Pano hike . Fresno Dome is one of those … Read more

Yosemite Pano Project – part 2: the hiking

The Pano project was also the perfect excuse to go to a Yosemite spot that I’d never been to before. Plus, the prospect of hiking with strangers also provided motivation for prioritizing some ‘training’ hikes leading up to the end of the month. Between the Fern Ledge hike, and the Pano hike, I took a … Read more