Great Comings and Goings

Any great astrologers out there have a reading on why there seem to be so many comings and goings in my life right now? Tom and I went the Bay Area last weekend to welcome an old Berkeley friend who has just come back from the East Coast. After 3 long years in Maryland, we’re … Read more

New Yamaha YDP233 Piano

I have a new piano! I have a new piano! I’ve only been wanting one for, lets see, 19 years or so. Basically since I moved out of my parents’ home and went to college. Unlike a piccolo, or even a guitar, pianos don’t lend themselves to moving around or small spaces, so it’s never … Read more

Whisky Bill on Fresno Dome

I’ve promised myself that no matter how late it’s gotten, or how many other adventures I’ve had since then, that I would put something up about the amazing day that I had climbing with my friends, Bruce and Em, on Fresno Dome, the day after the Pano hike . Fresno Dome is one of those … Read more