Great Comings and Goings

Any great astrologers out there have a reading on why there seem to be so many comings and goings in my life right now?

Tom and I went the Bay Area last weekend to welcome an old Berkeley friend who has just come back from the East Coast. After 3 long years in Maryland, we’re absolutely delighted to have Stan back on the West Coast. Maybe not as happy as his family is to see him, but pretty darned happy.

Our other friend, Pascal, was also in the Bay Area this weekend, all the way from Basil, Switzerland so it made the trip extra special. We had hoped that he and his family would be able to visit us in Yosemite, but he had to leave again too early.

Yuji and crew came to Yosemite over the weekend, and are staying in our place up in Yosemite West. It’s been 5 years since we’ve seen them. And Hans came up from the Bay Area to climb with him. These guys have big climbing plans, but we’re just happy to get to see them again after all this time.

On the going end, my good friends John and Marina are getting ready to leave Yosemite on Wednesday. It’s sad to see them leave, but they are starting on a big life adventure and it is hard not to feel the excitement and anticipation in that.