Fern Ledge

Tom moves even closer to Yosemite FallsFern Ledge is an amazing spot – one which John Muir thought was one of the best from which to watch a Moonbow, and which Ansel Adams immortalized with an image. Last weekend, we gathered a group of friends together and hiked up to revisit the spot.

The trail to Fern Ledge is spectacular on its own.The hike was just as spectacular as I remembered it. I thought we’d be too early for the wildflowers, but even this early in the season, there were plenty to stop and admire. The water was big – bigger than the last time we were there, and it got bigger the longer we stayed to watch. Tom crept out on a narrow ledge to get that ‘looking straight up’ view, while the rest of took pictures from the relative security of the bigger ledge where we had lunch.

The group that went to Fern Ledge with me.The hike itself was harder than I remembered though, both in terms of the slippery decomposing granite and steep drop offs, but also just in terms of my fitness level. I haven’t been able to walk quite right for days. Still, that kind of sore feels good when I think about getting back in shape to do all the summer things that are on my list.

The company was magnificent. I wanted to include a picture of the crew. It’s a combination of old friends and new ones.