Yosemite Explorer Website Launched (sort of)

I've been taking so many Yosemite pictures lately (about 1000 this summer, but most were junk), that I've gotten it into my head to do something with them. Of course, I only seem to be able to manage to put something here once every few months and Theresa is even worse, but such are delusions. I have managed to get one trail and one scramble, the latter with a photo album, on YosemiteExplorer.com, those being a description of climbing the West Ridge of Mount Conness, a collection of photos of the West Ridge of Conness, and a description (and hopefully soon some photos) of a Red Peak and Ottoway Lakes hike. Mostly those were just tests and I think I finally have the data entry interface more or less dialed, so it should be easier to add new stuff. Wish me luck. It's running on Drupal and is a bit slow, but hopefully I can tweak that a bit.

In any case, the idea is to give descriptions of trails, climbs, sights and scrambles and then to couple them with a photo “tour”. It turns out it's a lot more trouble uploading and captioning pictures than I anticipated (I wanted to give the GPS coordinates for each picture, but after doing that with a handful I realized that until I get a camera with a built-in GPS, that isn't going to happen.)

I'm also increasingly frustrated with my camera and think at some point I'm going to go for a digital SLR, but I'm too cheap for the moment.