10K challenge

Our housemate, Hans, set up this great little exercise challenge. Who can be the first one to do 10000 pull-ups, 10000 push ups, 10000 Ab Rollers (this requires one of those wheels with handles. Starting from your knees you roll out to full extension and then back in), and 10000 each of two other exercises? That's 50000 repetitions in all. Hans is maintaining a website with running totals for everyone who is playing.

Although we have little hope of winning, Tom and I have decided to join in just for the challenge of finishing the event. It's great motivation.

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Leconte couloir descent

1000m vertical right in our backyard (sort of) View 41kb image I've been eyeing the Leconte couloir for quite some time, but I never took the time to hike up and see if it was really skiable. It's hard to get a decent look at it from the bottom, but yesterday I finally strapped my … Read more

Super Slab

76 KB version While Tom was exploring the Leconte gully, Mary and I were exploring a route in the Serenity Crack area behind the Ahwahnee Hotel in the Valley. This was my first day of rock climbing in months, and I was psyched to do something new that was still well within my ability. It … Read more

New car

Click to view 60kb version We finally broke down and got a new car after nine years (still keeping the other one though). Living in the country we finally decided we needed two cars. We miss being able to walk most places we want to go (work, groceries, movies, friends houses), but living here obviously … Read more

Neighborhood ski teaser

View 31kb version We finally have some decent photo gallery software to put pictures up in a more presentable way if we ever get around to it. In the meantime, here's a little tease. We've had some wonderful ski days in the last month. This picture was taken about four miles from the house. It's … Read more