10K challenge

Our housemate, Hans, set up this great little exercise challenge. Who can be the first one to do 10000 pull-ups, 10000 push ups, 10000 Ab Rollers (this requires one of those wheels with handles. Starting from your knees you roll out to full extension and then back in), and 10000 each of two other exercises? That's 50000 repetitions in all. Hans is maintaining a website with running totals for everyone who is playing.

Although we have little hope of winning, Tom and I have decided to join in just for the challenge of finishing the event. It's great motivation.Tom, being the more decisive of the two of us, entered at the beginning (Feb. 6), but I hemmed and hawed and generally wavered until March 16, when I finally decided that if I was going to be doing some of these exercises I might as well play for real.

Not only has committing been great for getting me motivated (I'm sure I've done more pull ups in the last week than I had in the previous year), it has also inspired Tom to get more involved. We get together in the evening, waggling our eyebrows at each other, and compare numbers for that day. Not to mention the fact that it's tough to sit on the couch eating ice cream when there is someone in the room cranking out push ups.