Whirlwind trip

I'm back from my Modesto/Mountain View trip. What a ride. I ended up missing the Modesto appointment because the car broke down in Oakdale. Anthony's housemate, Ryan, gave me a bunch of great reading material on case study interviews at his house, and I read enough to know that I could have done much better … Read more

Whoa! An interview from Plan A

Last night I got a message on the answering machine from Gabe at Plan A asking me to come in for an interview. I'm completely flabbergasted. I sent in an application to the company in April, but I had received pretty non-committal responses to my follow up calls back then and had assumed that they wouldn't get around to calling me.

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I’ve been hired!

OK, it's probably not what you'd think if you knew me. But, I went for an interview today at the medical clinic down in Yosemite Valley and they hired me on a per diem basis. Basically, that means that if they need an extra person, they call me, and I either can go or I can't. It's ultra flexble, relatively lucrative (anything is more lucrative than sitting around the house) and seems like an interesting place to work. Plus, it sounds like for the time being, they are going to be in need of extra help quite a bit, so it will be a good chance to earn some money.

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