We’re going to Burning Man

We hemmed and hawed, changing our minds several times over the last few weeks. But now, we're committed. We spent the money, bought the tickets, and we're going.

For those of you who don't know, Burning Man is an annual event held out in the Black Rock desert some 129 miles north of Reno, NV. The idea is a week long experiment in temporary community – with people coming from all over the country and even across the world to participate. You can find out more about it here . There are lots of crazy “theme camps” and huge pieces of artwork, including a giant “man” that gets burnt at the end of the week.

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Bear Update – a rant

The picture of the bear in the blog is probably the most commented-on entry. We hadn’t seen the bear for a while during the summer, and thought that perhaps it had moved to higher country to beat the recent heat. But it was back on Friday. We could tell by the crowd of people sneaking through our backyard with their cameras out.

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Mom’s tough break

I always feel out of touch when something happens in the family. My mom broke her hip about two weeks ago and is still in rehab. She is hopefully coming home soon, but it always feels weird to have such big things happen in the family and not be able to be there. I'm crossing … Read more

Whitney postponed or canceled

We are still here. In the final hour, at some point after we had laid out our various meals, pulled the sleeping bags and tent out of storage, but before actually getting out of the house, we decided not to go.

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