What I’m Up To Right Now

Have you ever wondered what so and so is up to lately? They have a website but, their about page is old news – you know who they are, after all. And maybe they are even active on social media, but it’s hard to get through all their favorite memes and minute life observations to find out what is really going on.

Me too.

One of my favorite modern thinkers, Derek Sivers, came up with an idea to create a “now page” that addresses the sweet spot between “Hi, I’m Theresa” and “I found this article/meme/situation interesting.” 

Here’s mine.

Updated: 2022-01-17

Tom and I are still living in Yosemite West and making a great life together.

Last year was a turning point in my personal fitness. I hired a strength and conditioning coach out of Indiana (Mike Robertson) and I can confidently point to that as a turning point in my ability to get out and do things. I’m so much stronger and healthier now than I have been in … years. I’m not magically 30 years old again, but I’m definitely swinging in the right direction, and feeling the lyrics “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”

A fun side-effect of my training is that Tom has also gotten more consistent with his own exercise habits, and is now running, climbing and skiing up a storm. While he has opted out of most social media at this point, if he knows you, you can connect with him on Strava.

Work is chugging along at a delightfully steady pace. Tom is still focused on running our Yosemite vacation rental, and I am still doing contract marketing work for a small number of local organizations and doing a tiny bit of volunteering with NPS.

Meanwhile, I am awash in non-outdoorsy hobbies too – from drawing and painting to sewing and trying (with limited success) to grow things. Last year, a new friend introduced me to the idea of “doodling” on the piano, and that has been a messy and unpolished delight.