What I’m Up To Right Now

Have you ever wondered what so and so is up to lately? They have a website but, their about page is old news – you know who they are, after all. And maybe they are even active on social media, but it’s hard to get through all their favorite memes and minute life observations to find out what is really going on.

Me too.

One of my favorite modern thinkers, Derek Sivers, came up with an idea to create a “now page” that addresses the sweet spot between “Hi, I’m Theresa” and “I found this article/meme/situation interesting.” 

Here’s mine.

Updated: 2021-05-28

Tom and I are still living in Yosemite West and making a great life together.

We have decided to try to be rock climbers again this year. This means making more regular, if not exactly frequent trips to the valley with ropes and gear and it feels great to be out in the sunshine up high above the valley floor. Climbing routes have gotten a lot harder than they were back when we were climbing more regularly. The rocks have gotten taller, and I’m pretty sure the holds have gotten smaller and greasier. Also, I think my shoes shrank.

It doesn’t help that I seem to be plagued with a string of injuries that continues to limit what I can do outdoors. Patience is becoming a mantra, and PT a daily practice.

COVID was particularly rough on the hospitality industry that drives so many of the businesses near Yosemite. It turns out that we are excellent hunkerers for a year of hunkering down, but while we rode 2020 out well enough, we did take a few hits. Tom lost his part-time marketing position at one of the nearby hotels. I lost a marketing client, and our vacation rental income took a big hit between park closures and the epic CA fire season.

It’s nice to start recovering from that. 

Tom has been able to focus on the rental business which is back up and running at full steam. 

I’ve got enough work as a freelance marketer, and have been volunteering part time with NPS as well. I thought about trying to find more work but we seem to be doing fine financially, so it’s a low priority and meanwhile it’s nice to devote the time to other projects.

I am learning to paint. I even signed up for a watercolor and gouache portrait painting class to get myself going. That went well though managing water and pigments is still quite a challenge. I’m tryingt to do at least a little art on a daily basis, but although I have a separate IG account for artistic endeavors I dont always manage to post. Still, you’re welcome to check it out if you’re interested.