2020. Ugh.

First snow of the 2020 winter season down by the river in Wawona. 2020.11.09

2020 has been a helluva year. We have managed to weather it relatively well, but it’s been anything but smooth.

Income from our Yosemite vacation rental took one hit after another. We closed for a major sound-proofing renovation in February, only to have COVID-19 lock everything down just as we were ready to put the apartment back on the market in March. We finally started to hit our stride again before fires erupted across California bathing us in unhealthy levels of smoke, and once again closing everything down.

I managed to hold on to a few freelance marketing gigs, and feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to continue doing interesting and engaging marketing work for a wonderful group of people. I’ve been able to keep my hand in the game with paid search and SEO. Plus, I’ve been doing more writing, photography, and even learning more about setting up automated emails from the ground up.

Outdoor activity ground to a halt in early August after spraining my ankle on a backpacking trip. As if the avulsion fracture itself wasn’t enough, I have also aggravated an old ankle injury on top of that. That put an end to so many outdoor activity goals for the year. Thank god for bicycles.

Casting about for new hobbies to fill in the spaces, I’ve started growing some fresh herbs and other edibles, and experimenting (like so many) with sourdough bread. A friend provided a sewing machine on extended loan, and I’ve been enjoying repairing and repurposing old clothes, and recently found a mask pattern that I really like.