New Resolutions for May

I know, everyone else starts this game in January, but now it’s May, which is really a time of beginning things, and I can’t even remember if I made New Year resolutions, much less what they might be, so I’m starting again with a couple of goals for myself.

1. Blog more.

Fairy Lanterns in Hite Cove
Fairy Lanterns in Hite Cove

I’m going to start making an effort to get some of the fun things that I do up on this blog. There are so many things going on. We just passed the final building inspection for the downstairs unit of the house, and are desperately trying to get it furnished for renters who are going to show up starting in June, and for friends who will be staying for a week prior to that. In between the last post and this one, we helped with a local Easter Egg hunt. went for a hike up Old Big Oak Flat Road, and out Hite’s Cove taking pictures of the wildflowers. On that hike, I finally got a picture of a Fairy lantern flower, aka Globe Lily. Tom and I saw these beautiful flowers on our first hike out Hite’s Cove, but haven’t gotten the timing right to see them again since then. Last weekend we went for a short XC ski up the Chinquipin trail. Yesterday, I got back from a trip to Buffalo, NY for some RedDot training with other web people from all around DNC – traveling is tiring, but it was a great group and a great opportunity. We went to see Niagra Falls one evening as a group. If I can, I will try to get our instructor from OpenText, Anthony Ribando, to send me the group shot he took of all of us. My minimum goal moving forward is going to be at least one post per week. Hold me to it.

2. Get fit.

I’m just plain sick of being fat and weak. Part of that is this ongoing shoulder injury/condition – frozen shoulder, aka adhesive capsulitis, which is getting steadily better, but more of it is an overall lack of fitness that is absolutely driving me nuts. On the way back from Buffalo, I picked up a fitness magazine with a 2 month program that will be a good jump-start. At this point, I feel like the exact program is far less important than simply starting one. My bad shoulder will have to keep up the best that it can.

3. Spend Time Outside

Living in Yosemite is fantastic, but when things get busy, I find myself inside 4 walls, staring into a computer screen, instead of taking advantage of the scenery and the outdoors. That’s about to change too. Even if it means nothing more than getting outside for my lunch times, that’s going to be on my priority list too.