Progress Check

So far we’re 29 days into Lent, and I’ve managed to get a blog post in each day. I’ve missed a few days, and had to back-date, but I’m still at one-for-one, and I usually get that nagging lagging post in the next morning.

It’s a lot more writing than I’ve really ever done before, and the great thing about it is that it seems to be getting easier with each day that goes by. Ideas for things to write about come at me faster than I can get them down. (Knock on wood that it continues.) The conservative part of me is saving those posts for use on later days when I can’t think of something else to say, or don’t have time to get something down, but the longer this goes on, the easier it is for me to build up a surplus of ideas.

I guess you can be the judge of whether it’s just getting easier for me because my standards have gone down in terms of the things that I’m writing. (If you think it is, please keep it to yourself. I’m enjoying myself, and don’t want to hear it.)

Anyway, there are 15 days to go still, and I’m starting to try to figure out what I’m going to do once Lent is over. Tom tells me that Yogi Bhajan says it takes 30 days to break a habit and 90 days to set a new one. In other words, 30 days until you’re out of one habit, but 90 days before you’ll miss doing the new thing. If I go for 90 days, will I miss writing when I don’t have the chance? That’s an interesting thought, and not entirely unpleasant. Maybe I’ll develop a writing addition, and then when ScriptFrenzy or NaNoWriMo come around, they will be a fun and interesting stretch instead of the the daunting tasks they seem like now. Fortunately, I still have another few weeks to mull that around before I make a decision.