Just doesn’t get old

Gorgeous sunset
Gorgeous sunset

Someone asked me once if it got old living in Yosemite – seeing the same old scenery day after day until Yosemite Falls is just ho hum. I do think that I sometimes get distracted by other things. Maybe I’m already thinking about the project that I’m working on in the office when I round the corner and El Cap looms large in the windshield, or I’m late to work and just trying to avoid the guy who stopped in the middle of the road around a corner so that he could take pictures of who knows what. Still, even after living here for 5 years, Yosemite still makes my jaw drop. This is a picture I took on my way home from work on Friday.

During the summer, the sky is so predictably clear, that clouds are always a very special event, and this sunset was so amazing that it literally stopped me in my tracks. I pulled over into a pull out and snapped a few quick pictures. The clouds in the sky have been impressive for the last couple of nights, and with this storm coming in, I’m looking forward to clearing skies either Monday or Tuesday for more amazing skies.

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