Sixth Sense – like Minority Report, but better.

The internet has given us an incredible amount of information, all at our finger tips – if we’re sitting at a computer or using a cell phone. What if there was a product that allowed you to conveniently get that information as you interact with your environment? Researchers at the MIT Media Lab are getting there. In a fascinating presentation on, Pattie Maes demos Sixth Sense, a prototype developed by Ph.D. student Pranav Mistry that incorporates a projector that allows you to see your data wherever you are, and a camera that enables you to interact physically with that data, by drawing in the air with your fingers., if you haven’t heard of it before, stands for Technology Entertainment Design, and the TED conference hosts the best thinkers, achievers and creative minds in those fields. The website makes the talks from that conference available to all of us. With the tagline “Ideas Worth Spreading” the conference and the website have a lot to live up to, and it does. I’ve embedded the video below so that you can watch in conveniently, but if you haven’t already visited, I strongly recommend going to the main website, go to Talks, sort by ‘Most Jaw-dropping’ and then sit back and prepare to be awestruck.