Chris Polk

Imagine my surprise when I started going through my Google Alerts for Yosemite this morning, and came across an article about my old ski buddy, Chris. The headline reads, “Snowboard pro Polk remembered as happy, passionate and well dressed“. Huh?

I guess Chris was boarding in the trees last Thursday, going fast, crashed into a tree and died. Just like that – a beautiful, joyful day of shreddin’ in the trees turns to tragedy. It happens so quickly, and then the world is a poorer place.

I met Chris during the season that I taught at the Badger Pass Ski School. Ski School at Badger is tight – there’s only about 15 or 20 of us, and folks are so much fun. Chris was already an experienced instructor, at that point, and quickly became a friend, and role-model. Then I got a guitar, and Chris and I would meet up and play during lunch. He was always so patient, teaching me new things, little riffs, insights. Before he left Yosemite, we had a little guitar party at my house… playing, singing, just a half-dozen or so folks sitting around with musical instruments, doing what people do. Great memories. Since that party, most of the people in that room have moved on to new adventures. I caught quick news of Chris here and there after he moved away, and just recently re-connected.

Thanks for the fantastic memories, Chris. Miss you.