On the Road to Certified Internet Webmaster-dom

The CIW Certification PathwaysI’ve bitten the bullet, and ordered out for the CIW Foundations course. That comes with 3 (by all accounts giant) textbooks, practice exams, online teaching aids and a voucher for the exam at the end. From what I understand the Foundations course covers all the internet basics from networking, to mark-up languages to… well I guess I’ll find out.

Once the Foundations course is done, you then have the option of picking a specialty. Time to buckle down and get an education… again.

One of the (many) great things about this job is the emphasis on learning and growing, and I’m loving that part of it especially. For example, Brian is buying this course for me, and has given me a lot of support and leeway on taking it. (He said that I needed to sign some sort of “I won’t get the education and leave right away” agreement before he’d pay for it. I haven’t, but I think we both know deep down that it isn’t really necessary.)

Now I have a double goal for the summer. Get back in shape, and pass the CIW exam. Wish me luck.