National Geographic likes me

[Written by Tom]

Much to my surprise, National Geographic is buying one of my pictures to use on the cover of one of its Trails Illustrated maps. They are doing a new series of maps of Yosemite that will divide the park into four quadrants and do a high-quality, fairly large-scale map (50′ contour intervals) for park and they were in need of images for each of the four quadrants. My friend Tuan supplied a nice image of Nevada Falls to them for the Yosemite Valley (SW) quadrant. The were initially interested in a picutre I had of Tuolumne for the NE quad, but ended up buying a picture of a stunning spur on Mount Clark for the SE quadrant.

They said they were looking for images that were a bit less familiar because the focus is on backcountry travelers, and this one requires a solid 20 mile hike to get to (that’s 40 miles round trip) with some miles of it off trail, so it fit their bill.

See the Obelisk Lake Photo Gallery for other pictures of the area.