Glacier Point Ski Trip

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Sentinel Dome
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The Yosemite XC Ski center (YXC), the winter incarnation of the mountaineering school, runs a ski hut out at Glacier Point. It is the same building that houses the retail shop at Glacier Point during the summertime, but is converted to hold 22 bunk beds, several couches around a wood stove (hidden behind the counter during the summer) and a dining area. YXC stocks the hut with food (enchiladas, lasagna, pasta, salad fixings, crackers, cookies, cake etc.) and drink (ranging from water, to OJ to wine and brandy). The 10.5 mile ski to the hut is along the Glacier Point road, which is closed beyond Badger Pass ski area and groomed for skiing, making it easy terrain to negotiate, even for fairly inexperienced skiers with packs on.

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