Ski to Glacier Point

I finally skied all the way out to Glacier Point. It's a 21-mile round trip and I thought I would wait until I had a couple more skating days under my belt, but then just got the urge.I dropped Theresa off at work and decided to skate out to Bridal Veil Campground, which is about five and half miles round trip. When I got there, though, I decided that I would go for an hour. Then I decided that if I made it to Sentinel in under an hour and a quarter I would go all the way. I also hadn't brought any food and had only about 10oz of water, so I was hoping I might be able to refill at Glacier Point if there was any runny water, but there wasn't.

Anyway, by the time I got near the end, I was really thirsty and suffering. I immediately ran into the ski shop and bought a raspberry turnover and started to feel much better.

The ski was great though. I saw one person around Summit Meadow, about a mile into my ski. For about the next 18 miles I didn't see anyone else, just coyote tracks running down the ski trail, until I got within a couple miles of the parking lot.