My Birthday

I can't believe how fast the month of June seems to have flown by. Except for the calls and e-cards that I received, I probably would have forgotten all about it. So, there weren't any big parties or anything like that, but I get up every day and basically get to do exactly what I want to. I figure that makes enough of a celebration.

I'm busy working on lots of different “projects”. There are a bunch of climbs that I'd like to do this season, and living in a house with climbers constantly reminds me of just how many of those there are.

People around here seem to assume that the primary activity of my life is climbing, but I'm also keeping myself busy with sedentary activities too. I'm working on designing some web pages where I can keep some things in a more 'permanent' spot than this weblog. There's lots to learn.

I got a book on business when I went into Fresno last, and am learning about marketing right now.

My biggest project recently has been an article for the Berkeley Science Review about a business plan competition that is held annually. Interviewing the organizers and participants of the competition has been fun and challenging. They are happy to get the extra publicity for the company or competition, and I'm happy to get the information, but since the interviews are conducted over the phone I find myself scribbling notes as fast as I can and wishing that I'd carried through with my idea to learn short-hand when I was younger.