Fresno Dome

The weekend was a Memorial Day party courtesy Chris and Pat, including a cookout at their house and climbing and Fresno Dome.We met up with a bunch of folks at Chris and Pat's in Oakhurst, many of whom took part in the Halloween Party Theresa organized in Yosemite in 1999. It was nice to see a lot of folks we haven't seen in a while from Colorado, Wisconsin and around California. Time seemed to pass too quickly though. We chatted in the evening and the morning and then went off to Fresno Dome. Several folks went to the Valley instead, including John and Sue. Felt sort of bad because it wasn't until afterwards that we realized they were driving to the Valley, back to Oakhurst, then back to the Valley and wish we had told them to stay at our place to save them the driving. Unfortunately we got confused in the morning shuffle.

Anyway, it was the first visit to Fresno Dome for us. We were looking for a real easy day, so we just did a three-pitch 5.7 and walked around scouting the dome. It looks like there are a number of lines worth going back for and we hope to head back with Bruce in late June or something and try a few things up there.

After climbing, everyone sort of finished up at different times and dispersed, so it didn't have quite the satisfying feel of the last time when Bruce and Em cooked for everyone and we had a nice breakup dinner, but it was still a good time…. Maybe we have to start thinking about Labor Day.