Tom in VT

Tom's mom at Summer Outdoor Concert

Tom’s mom at an outdoor concert last summer

The ‘please help’ call came in from Tom’s parents over the weekend, and Tom has flown out to VT to help care for his mother. Things are developing there as they develop, so it’s hard to anticipate the future too much. For now, she has been moved from the hospital at Dartmouth to a rehabilitation center closer to Burlington, and family members. This center is only 15 or 20 minutes from Denis’ house.

US Airways has generously waived the change fee for tickets that we purchased to visit OH over the Holidays, and has given Tom a credit for the amount of his flight to be used between now and November 26, 2009. (It probably helped that the flight he booked to VT was also on US Airways). Depending on how things look on that end, I hope that Tom will still be able to make it to OH, just flying to and from VT instead of CA.

Canon EOS Rebel XSi floods Yosemite

Theresa with new Canon XSi

Theresa with new Canon XSi

Really. This camera seems to be everywhere these days. It’s the hip thing to buy in Yosemite – a Canon XSi – all the cool people have one or are getting one. Ours arrived on Monday, and I’ve begun my first experiments with it. So far it’s just a big, fancy point-and-shoot with shutter and aperture priority, because I haven’t figured out how to use it yet. It comes with a tome of a manual. That should keep me busy for a while.

We’ve had an interesting evolution of camera lust in our household. At first, Tom was the one who was interested in photography and I was the one who nodded and said, "Yes, well, I’m just a snap-shotter.  Go ahead and get a nice camera for yourself."  But then I really started to enjoy taking pictures with the nicer Lumix camera that my dad bought for Tom a few years ago, and I started saying, "Tom, you should really upgrade to an SLR so that I can take over the Lumix".  And Tom, being the generous sort of person he is, shared the Lumix with me, until I started to think that maybe *I* wanted a big fancy camera, and gradually it turned into "I think WE should get a dSLR".  So it was, that somehow after Tom had done all the research about cameras, and lenses, and shopped for deals, that when we bought this camera it was MY camera.