Hike to Fern Ledge

There are couple of places that Tom and I have been meaning to visit for years. One of these, Ribbon Falls amphitheater, we managed to visit last week, and this week, we hiked up to Fern Ledge. Fern Ledge is located 400 or 500 up the upper Yosemite Falls, and traverses in from the right side under the water, allowing an intrepid explorer to get as close to that rushing water as they wish. (We kept a respectful distance.)


With only the vaguest idea of where we wanted to go, Tom and I set off with our friend Doug this morning to explore. After wandering up steep dirty slopes for a while, we finally stumbled upon the trail and started making good time. The ledges were filled with wildflowers (and we had to stop and photograph and try to identify them all), the views were amazing, and we found some other places that we are going to have to return for later.

I've been seeing an accupuncturist lately, and my left foot felt better on this hike than it ever has before. I'm still improving! Tom remarked that our next destination is going to have to be Ililloutte Creek – and I think Indian Canyon too. There are so many places to explore!

Tom has put up a bunch of details and photos about hiking to Fern Ledge over on Yosemite Explorer

More climbing and backpacking too

T on 5.9 at the Grotto

The Mountaineering school had its second annual training party at The Grotto in Sonora, and although I'd done very little climbing before I thought I would go along for the social scene. As it turned out, I was able to get on three climbs before deciding that I was starting to push my luck, including this steep 5.9. I keep making a mental note that I should send this picture to my surgeon at Stanford.

Starr Harrison on the Old Big Oak Flat Road

I've also done a small amount of backpacking recently with YMS. It was a short trip as backpacking trips go, just one night and very low mileage. Plus, I had the advantage of hiking with a pack of guides who were happy to carry a little extra, so that my pack was limited to my personal stuff and remained relatively light. We started at Tamarack Flat and hiked out to Devil's Dancefloor and then down the Old Big Oak Flat road, one of the early roads into Yosemite Valley, now long abandoned. I took an embarassingly small number of pictures and this one of Starr – one of the new hiking guides – is one of the few that is at all decent.