House update: almost there

It looks like we’re almost there… if it’s not already too late this year. It’s going to be tight for this year, but we have Brent coming to pull the stumps on our lot on Tuesday, the loan should clear in a couple of days and so should the building permit. If all goes well, we will sink deeply deeply in debt within a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, so far

    • Bob has taken down our trees and removed them for free


    • Pete and Joan have given us a Washer and Dryer


    • We got a bathroom fixture from Pat


If we can keep that up, we might be able to actually afford this!

Ski Season is Over

So miraculously, not only is there someone who actually comes here to read, but Jeff demanded that I put something up here. Hey, it's only been three months! When was the last time that Jeff updated his blog anyway?

Okay, so ski season has been over for a while now. Not as long as you might think though. We actually went skiing in Ellery Bowl (photos) in late June. Having not actually been on skis for two months, that top entry seemed pretty steep.

Since then, we've mostly been out hiking and looking for flowers, which is sort of our new thing. Theresa finally dropped $120 to buy the complete flora for Yosemite. We were getting frustrated because if you have one of the little books, you usually can't find the flower in it. Of course, the complete flora weighs about nine pounds, so you don't exactly carry it with you. I'm not even sure if it fits in my backpack, but it is proving handy. I just wish I had time to put all my flower photos up on Yosemite Explorer.

I have fallen behind, but I'm confident that I can make up the lost time without recourse to steroids or EPO (I'm listening to an interview with Floyd Landis right now).